Monday, 8 September 2014

The mystery of the disappearing grave

Published then very rapidly unpublished?



It's not the first time is it Andrea?  What is this obsession with Alison Chabloz?  Collecting her every tweet? The tweets were totally unconnected with you?

Here are Alison's parents on ITV news:

And a copyright photo used again? This isn't a first is it? Though remember this one?

And this?

Remember also winding up others? That's your screenshot passed to Keano isn't it? Too cowardly to tweet this yourself?

As for this? Trying to cause mischief with Alison's employers by lying she's an antisemite?

You've used Alison's copyright photos before, as you have used mine.

Perhaps it's time for others to have a wee trip to court to file an injunction against you for theft of photos? And other things?  Such as telling lies?  Encouraging your family to abuse me? :0)

Impersonation of myself? Posting my private details and those of my family?

No Andrea, you aren't a victim. Let's not lose sight of that.

In fact, I'd say you  come under the definition of cyberstalker?




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  1. Urban Fox is a fucking nutcase with multiple Twitter profiles. The woman should be locked up and forced fed anti psychotics. I know that sounds a bit harsh, but she can take you in, be warned DON'T, she is a fucking psychopath, seriously.