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Andrea's Tesco Christmas HO HO HO

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Prices have also been trimmed to keep in tune with rivals, but analysts doubt the tinkering will be enough to prevent a gloomy trading update on 8 January. Tesco continued to be the worst performer of the UK’s major grocers in the last set of market share figures, revealed a few weeks ago. Sales had dropped by 3.7% in the 12 weeks to 9 November.

Every little hurts?

 Brilliant expose of Andrea and her dealings with Tesco!

Andrea apparently loves Christmas. That's despite her claims she's Jewish. There again she also claims she's a Christian. Whatever. Not sure Andrea can recall what lies she has told to whom. So many...

 Perhaps it's less the religious aspects than the material which she likes?

She's still tweeting out her anti-Muslim hate and abusing the @TellMAMAUK org. Season of peace and goodwill? Not where Andrea's concerned. No, it's bile as usual.

She loves Christmas so much she had her tree up before December had arrived. Well, she seems to have little else in her tiny life. Trolling maybe, fuming and frothing and showing how juvenile and what a Twitter bully she is? That seems to take up a great deal of her time. Then there are the selfies, of an angry, middle aged, plump, bitter, hard faced person with red talons, botoxed brow and curled lip, but she still tweets 'em out.

Every detail of Andrea's small and empty life is tweeted out, no matter how banal.  Spats with retailers, her inability to debate, trolling tags... There's not a great deal of intellectual content in that angry brain it seems.

This could explain a great deal... Andrea's former drug habit? :0) So much damage can be caused by drugs...

Back to Tesco.

Andrea's inability to deal with anything in a mature fashion on display here?  Hissy fits, toddler type temper tantrums, foul mouth and hoping someone gets sacked because there's been a problem with her grocery delivery?  According to Andrea @Tesco BLOCKED her following her rant. 

Remember Andrea's hate campaign against Tesco? Remember she even made a troll account @GotABoneToPick to send hate anti-Tesco tweets?  She moved on from Tesco and began trolling Alison Chabloz and others with it. Twitter suspended that one for harassment and abuse; off it went to join her @EDLNewsExtra troll account (aka @_NewsExtra).

Andrea is of course obsessed with Alison. She's sorta moved on from her obsession with me. For some crazy reason Andrea thinks Alison is jealous of her. She used to claim I was jealous of her. I still haven't found what it is that Andrea thinks anyone should be jealous of,  to me and others she's just a figure of fun really,  not anyone to desire to be, a proven liar with a foul mouth, a massive ego,  frothing and trolling day in day out. Her life seems boring and she appears to have no idea how pathetic she comes across as.  It's not as though she's a teenager, she's middle aged, but reading her fuming it comes across as a case of arrested development.

Anyhow, Tesco has been sending Andrea freebies. She's been weeing herself with joy, free Christmas lights apparently, so much so that Tesco, not appreciating what a clot she is and how much she hates Tesco, sent her a second freebie, a camcorder,  so she's tweeting with wild abandon about how wonderful Tesco now is. Hypocrite much Andrea?

Aye, I'm sure Tesco is always delighted when people use their kids to do their marketing for them. No doubt many new videos will ensue, exploiting small children (who know no better) and praising Tesco!

Does Andrea really classify herself as a good person? So much on this blog  and elsewhere would suggest otherwise! Deluded?

Tesco probably has little idea that Andrea is basically a troll and many of her followers are inactive, or simply auto follows, but she doesn't care. Apparently Andrea  pushes brands frequently,  Tweeting to them, sliming round them, in order to get freebies. Ugh! Embarassing.

Cost a bomb? It's not so much from discounted retailers,  try Argos (just over £200) hardly a top of the range, it's an old model, but clearly, Andrea's easily pleased.

Tesco won't have paid that, probably got it for nothing from Nikon anyhow, if that's a bomb to Andrea she really must be skint.  Perhaps she shouldn't have wasted all her cash on that Vampire facelift? But she's happily doing Tesco's publicity for them! Presumably she's hoping for more freebies. Ugh. I feel sad for her that she's such an ass licker for mega corporations.

The sort of thing would normally have Andrea frothing...

Andrea  really has no shame, or must be VERY hard up. Certainly I won't be buying anything at Tesco, drinking coffee in Brick Lane Coffee Shop, boozing at The Old George, imbibing  Hawkes alcoholic ginger beer any of the other places / stuff  Andrea 'product places' on her Twitter feed. It's counterproductive. And I'd hate to meet her there, or she might claim she's being stalked... LOL.

Though hang on, it's OK when she tweets what she thinks is Alison Chabloz' postcode?  Bet a court would see that as harassment. You know, when she follows up on this injunction she either is or isn't going to go through with trying for?   Nice piece of evidence for the judge here of Andrea's harassing?

I've sent the unedited tweet to Bethnal Green Police Andrea, to have on record, along with some details about your EDL chums.  Queenie... used to be Queen Lareefer, English Defence League London Co-ordinator Maddie Brown?  I think police are well aware of her.  Nice company Andrea!

Stalker by proxy? From the woman who tweets postcodes and even full addresses? Clearly you can't think.

Next time you claim you are being harassed  / stalked etc police will be able to tell you to b off... again, eh Andrea? If anyone tweeted your postcode you'd be calling 999!

Then there's her sad little pal EDL Keano from Hyde,  here seen posting his own photo to Lying Toad:

Yes this Keano:

The Keano Andrea finds hilarious when he's disablist:

Keano is another pitifully immature creature obsessed with Alison.  He and Andrea make a great pair. Perhaps they should get together?

Andrea, Alison has an interesting job (perhaps talent, personality, intelligence, wit, a degree or two, qualifications help... things you don't have Andrea?  Employers like those, and despite the best efforts of you and your pals to defame her to employers, yes she has a job) as well as her music gigs.  People pay her for those also. She's got a full life, isn't a sad layabout like some, why you think she or anyone else is jealous of you is a constant mystery.

A small selection of many such tweets today, showing Andrea's butthurt and juvenile mode of expression:

A better person? Priceless! Only one creating drama is Andrea. Or perhaps farce is more like it? Ooof! Woof!

 Mirror mirror?

As far as Christmas presents are concerned, full of joy and seasonal goodwill Andrea is apparently ordering these to give as gifts. Talk about cheapskate! I wonder whose stocking she's filling with this?

Hopefully not...

Andrea, as usual, is so butthurt at Alison showing her up for what she is she Storifies all her own tweets praising Tesco (yes she really is that daft) and can't resist this bit of  juvenile snide:

Attention seeking low life? Cracked record Andrea, same old same old.

Then proceeds to spam people including her 'pal' Coun Karen 'Selfie' Danczuk with it.

That's this Karen Danczuk? The one who Andrea is all over like a rash?

Yes Andrea, full of  goodness and goodwill to all... unless you are one of those many she hates, in which case...

*Andrea Da Silva Goncalves, aka @_AndreaUrbanFox  I reserve and retain my full legal rights over my intellectual property and all my other freedoms and rights under UK law. That includes my freedom of speech within the confines of the existing law and freedom to not be intimidated, cowed and silenced by your bullshit claims and lies, bullying and attempts at blackmail by continually making threats about an 'injunction'.


Nem xxx

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