Friday, 12 December 2014

More Festive Fun with Fox

Andrea claims she's stalked. Andrea claims people are obsessed with her. Yet Andrea tweets this sort of rubbish, using the #bbcqt tag to draw in others to ask her about her supposed 'stalker'?

As she claims I stalk her (reading public tweets isn't stalking dear, as I know police have told you when you have whined to them, though posting a full d0x on people as you have done to me may be deemed that) but she's way off the mark here if this was intended as a jibe about me.

I'm sure there's more Festive Fun to be had from Andrea.

Andrea, it's how you come across on Twitter, rude, aggressive, shouty and attempting to sound threatening, a zealot, though without the blue hair and more far right.  It's certainly not what I'm like. Projecting again dear?
In your case Andrea, is it cos you are "bonkers"? And more than a tad obsessed?

That's to add to being a proven liar who tries to defame me by making risible claims about me.

Perhaps time to seek help for those violent tendencies? Useful to know you have them.

Oh and this. Juvenile in the extreme. What was that about rude, aggressive, shouty etc etc? I think this was aimed at Alison Chabloz, another on Andrea's hate list?  Andrea can't bear to be laughed at. Though hang on... was she reading Alison's tweets?  If they upset her so much, why? So she can publish one of her pathetic non Storifies?

Sounding butthurt again there luvvie. Was it reading this upset you?




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