Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Andrea, away with the fairies?

Yesterday's wee blog must have hit a nerve, and thanks for reading Andrea. Rarely do I bother to read yours as it's just a half a*sed load of butthurt, lies and abuse. Grow a pair is my advice.  And Ms da Silva, you started it, I only blog as a record, and because police suggested it as one way of refuting your bull.


No Andrea, I still haven't been arrested. CID must love you wasting their time.  

But these links were sent to me and I felt I really had to update this blog with them, for the lulz.

Monday 17th  March

Two hours later

Clearly losing it big time. She's also writing foul mouthed Storifies, which are also in the realms of lala land, but if it keeps her out of wider mischief, well, it's all of some value.

Truth is she loves the attention so she can play at being victim. She's no victim, she's a manipulator and troll with a nasty mouth. She also has been libelling me, again, but hey. Life's too short to worry about her dealings with far right numpties whom she clearly believes and regurgitates their nonsense about me supposedly supporting child abuse. I don't. The opposite applies.


Nemesis xxx


  1. Hi Nemmy!
    I was talking to our mutual friend (SQ) today and commented to him that I never seem to see you on twitter these days.He told me you'd left the site which did upset me a bit- I thought you'd just been a bit quiet recently or I'd missed you in passing. Sorry to hear the twats have been giving you grief and I hope you are okay. Now that I know you're gone I really miss your presence on there. If you return to twitter in another guise please say hello.
    Be well, and don't let the bastards get you down! :o)

    PS: The Sock played Kirkcaldy recently and were as funny as anything else I've ever seen.

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  3. I've sent an email address to mutual friend so we can keep in touch!