Monday, 24 February 2014

Andrea Urban Fox gets it wrong again?

UPDATE some detective work has meant the person in the photo Andrea da Silva #Fox #Goncalves  etc etc stole has been identified.  She's not in any way connected with myself, but that didn't stop Andrea from being her usual silly self. Police have now been informed.

WARNING: This blog contains nuts

There's a photo doing the Twitter rounds I'm told, of a woman playing conkers.

There have been several fake Twitter accounts made using it, purporting to be me.

Apparently some people think the woman in the photo is me. I haven't played conkers since I was about eight, though all power to this woman's elbow if she enjoys it. She looks happy and content and good luck to her.

Of course it isn't me, and no idea who it is, but if anyone can ID this person, then let her know this sad old bully and stalker is abusing her:

 Botox and PRP? Heavens.  And still you look like you do? Must have had a hard paper round.

English as a second language dear? It shows. Though you do at times have a sort of way with words? Not a good way, however:

 Homophobic much?

Such poverty of expression.

Stalking strangers?  Passing this unknown woman's picture round Twitter? Making fake accounts using it? Isn't that rather pathetic, juvenile and well, again, stalky?

Is Bethnal Green home of those bonkers about conkers?


N xxx 

(If the person whose picture it is contacts me, happy to either acknowledge copyright, link to any Creative Commons licence, or remove photo from blog.)

Update She still stalking me? Thanks for reading, looks like your English is still poor, and no that isn't me.  Muppet.

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