Thursday, 1 November 2012


The internet is a very odd place. I've met many wonderful people via the internet. I've enjoyed blogging on my various blogs and have accrued a decent following on Twitter without having to resort to those progs which gain you several thousand spam and fake followers in a day or two. I have a Page on Facebook where I post things which interest me, and a few Pinterest boards which I update occasionally.

The downside of the internet is cyberbullying, and I've met my fair share of those pesky people too.

Stalkers, harassers, liars, trolls, and simply butthurt drama queens, yep, I've come across them. In fact I appear to attract all manner of weirdo people who obsess about me, even pretend to be me, spend huge amounts of their time and energy on me, attempting (and mostly failing) to do some sort of reputational damage to a reputation I'm not sure I had in the first place... the price of being on the internet and having differing views to others I suppose.

So I felt it was time to start an occasional blog where I can out a few of these people,  respond to and refute some of the bullshit they post about me and others,  put together a few screenshots which help tell a story, and maybe we can share a wry laugh at them along the way...

I'm sure there will be the occasional response to other things I come across on t'internet and where I need to vent my spleen / share my wisdom / rant a bit also, which would fit here rather than my other blogs.



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