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Andrea Urban Fox, drama queen.

"She's simply a lying attention seeker, thriving on drama of her own making..."

"...victim delusion..." *

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(Andrea, who next time she passes rude comments on my appearance and posts an ancient photo of me on Twitter really should study this You Tube video of her more carefully... and no use posting it on your  PUBLIC Page on Facebook and then whining people saw it Andrea... )

This is a YouTube video and as the conditions of YouTube allow for embedding then I have done so.

Or as Andrea would like you to see her as (ie heavily photoshopped...)

As it says on the tin, I'm responding. I suppose I should have done this a long, long time ago, as far back as February 2011, but, life being short and my patience with self-obsessed drama queens who appear to be not the full shilling even shorter, I didn't. However, as this situation hasn't gone away and has been stirred up by someone this week in a very silly blog, to which I am denied a right of reply in the comments (and on which Andrea has told outright lies about me),  I decided to dig out the ol' screenshot collection, dust down the memories, and give an attention seeker the attention she so craves, in the hope it makes her happy and puts the record straight. I'll do this in parts.

 Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

Part One

In which I begin to address the lie spread by a sly Fox I am an anti-Semite and tweeted anti-Semitic tweets  re Aaron Porter debacle.

Around January 2011 (note the date, it will prove useful eventually) I followed, and was followed by, a person on Twitter. As luck (or administrative sloth) would have it, I didn't clear out the email telling me this, and a search this week provided this proof:

 We tweeted  a little with each other, even had some Direct Messaging (I still have those too). I didn't find her tweets particularly interesting and she came across as a slightly unpleasant, angry, egotistical character; when she began adding the hashtag #retard to certain tweets when describing people I did wonder if perhaps an unfollow would be a wise course of action. However, I persevered. This proved to be a BIG Mistake.

For then things took a nasty turn.

I covered in my tweets the 29th January 2011 demo involving NUS leader Aaron Porter, who was deeply unpopular. A couple of those I tweet with, one a University lecturer and another a student whose tweets I had found to be unhysterical and worth believing, were tweeting what they could from the demo. A popular chant aimed at the unpopular Porter at that time was "You're a Tory too", a reference to what was seen as his selling out in not opposing the imposition of education cuts and higher fees.

Then the hysteria and smears began in the right wing press, that Porter had been subjected to a barrage of anti Semitic abuse.

Student leader Aaron Porter barracked with anti-Semitic insults

The head of the National Union of Students had to be led to safety from a tuition fees rally he had been due to address after being surrounded by protesters chanting anti-semitic insults at him.

And as the Mail had it:

The president of the National Union of Students was yesterday rescued by police from angry protesters chanting anti-Jewish abuse and demanding his resignation.
Aaron Porter was surrounded by a 150-strong mob who broke away from a student fees protest in Manchester.
As 12 officers led him to safety, there were chants of ‘Aaron Porter we know you, you’re a f******* Tory too’.

Now I can't imagine why the Tory press would feel the need to smear students demonstrating against Tory policy of cuts and fees, but apparently it did, and apparently certain people who dislike what they perceive as 'lefties' felt it a good plan to spread this lie via Twitter.

And lo it came to pass a person called Andrea decided to believe it, and began joining in with the barrage of tweets about these students and their alleged anti-Semitism. Now I'm an academic sort of person, and I like FACTS. I like FACTS and citations and references and reality. I don't like lies and the spreading of them.
Clarification on Aaron Porter

Yesterday I posted a quick blog on the strange lack of evidence that supported early claims that Aaron Porter had been racially abused. This seemed all the more curious as student led protests are going to be smart phone, and therefor camera and microphone heavy affairs.
It has now transpired that rather than being idle gossip, Aaron Porter himself, according to an email to NUS members excerpted by the FT after I wrote my post, claims he was racially abused. I may not like his politics, but nobody deserves to be subjected to racism and I hope this incident is investigated fully

Jan 30th 2011

Note the Andrea Urban Fox like and link, as well as mentioned alleged  #EDL supporters including the anti-Semite Islamophobic racist etc etc more than slightly bonkers troll @WeAreTheBrits tweeting the story...

Links to full sized shots here



I checked with those who had physically been there, and they denied having heard any such chants and abuse, and I attempted to set the record straight with Andrea (even got someone who was actually within yards of Porter to attempt to set the record straight with her) in the hope she would cease spreading porkies. This seemed to work her up into a froth; it became obvious that backtracking wasn't going to happen, no matter how much proof was provided, and she became unpleasant.
And of course in a short time the truth came out that indeed the reported anti-Semitism and / or racial abuse was a figment of the imagination of reporters of the right wing press:

Further to publication of this article, we have been contacted by Mr Michael Shaw, a student who was positioned in close proximity to Mr Porter during the protest. Mr Shaw denies that anti-Semitic abuse of any kind was chanted, stating that he heard nothing to support such an assertion.

And then of course eventually Aaron Porter admitted he had not heard such anti-Semitic abuse either, and the press admitted the basis for its reports was dodgy in the extreme.

A useful piece on the subject from Manchester Mule

Aaron Porter has admitted that he did not hear anti-Semitic chanting at the protest against him prior to the January 29 “A Future that Works” march in Manchester, MULE can reveal. An investigation also discovered that an NUS official, believed to be an aide to Porter, was one of the two sources for the Daily Telegraph‘s allegations that the NUS President was “barracked” by racist chanting. The revelations will likely prove controversial, as protesters present maintain that no such chanting occurred.

After contacting the Telegraph, MULE learned that there are only two sources for their story – a PA photographer who claimed to have heard the chants directed at Porter, and the NUS itself. It was also revealed that neither reporters from the Telegraph nor the Daily Mail, the two newspapers that initially reported the allegations, were present at the protest.
When contacted, the Mail refused to give the name of the photographer who initially made the claims, and who was the sole source for their article, the
final version of which was titled: “Student leader faces barrage of anti-Jewish abuse at rally as protesters accuse him of being a Tory.”

When MULE asked to speak to the NUS official who heard the chants, who is believed to be an aide to Porter, an NUS Press Officer said: “We cannot allow you to speak to the person directly. As there is an ongoing police investigation into the allegations we feel it is not appropriate to discuss it in the press.”

Porter himself also admitted to MULE that he had not himself heard any racial abuse, and that the NUS confirmed the story when journalists contacted them for comment. In a statement through the NUS Press Office he said:

“I was not certain what was said by those shouting abuse at me, however I was informed by others present that amongst other things anti-Semitic comments were made....

...Chris Marks, also a member of Alliance for Worker’s Liberty and Hull Students Against Fees and Cuts, confirmed Ismail’s account. When asked if there was any anti-Semitic chants he said:
“Absolutely and categorically not. I was at the front of the group which instigated the protest. If there had been anti-Semitic chants we would have heard and challenged it. Anything shouted was jovial.”

Marks told MULE that he was never approached or spoken to by any journalists. He also added that there was a BBC reporter outside Manchester Metropolitan Students’ Union where Mr Porter was taken. The BBC news reports did not allege hearing anti-Semitic chants...

I did attempt to alert 'Andrea Urban Fox' to the refutation of the smears she had been keen to believe; however, apparently accepting she was wrong would leave her with egg on face. What happpened next? My expressions of doubts as to the veracity of the Porter story were 'interpreted' by Andrea as me making anti-Semitic tweets (nope I didn't).

I unfollowed her. I blocked her. She frothed in a tweet on the #EDL hashtag about this; though not naming me directly it was obvious it was me to whom she referred.  She later claimed she blocked me first for being an anti-Semite; this is a downright lie. I've since realised Andrea and truth at times don't collide.

It was around then I first found my Twitter account linked to on her blog and I was labelled a troll.

Thus began a childish internet smear campaign against me, that I am an anti-Semite and also stalking her.

Well, that's Part One. Worse stuff follows.

To be continued...

Part Two coming soon.
  There may be dragons and fairies and princesses and Three Billy Goats Gruff and such, there may not, there will be a VERY sly Fox,

and a few trolls, in an increasingly bizarre tale of a Twitter spat, and where it can lead.

For hell, it appears,  hath no fury like a woman unfollowed, and made to look a little foolish on Twitter



Nem xxx


  1. Excellent and truthful m'dear.

  2. Anyone who thinks for one moment that you're an anti-semite needs their head examining. I admire your resolve in responding, some would just give up. It seems merely being wrong about something can stir the Sly Fox up into a foaming at the mouth vendetta (we're all wrong about something sometimes. Most of us get over it.) She really needs to get a life. Truthful and eloquent post, as usual. Don't let the barstewards get you down. R.

    1. Thanks. I felt I had to respond eventually, as this nonsense about me is being spread all over the internet by Andrea and her pals. Now it seems she feels she can say what she wants but I'm not supposed to set the record straight?

      Of course if she and her pals began wiping all the crap they have spread about me from the internet I may not have to do this, but as long as they do I will carry on refuting it. I reference what I write, I don't just foam at the mouth and smear as Andrea and her pals do. Nor do I fake screenshots as Andrea's 'pals' do.

      Do you feel Andrea is 'stalking' me, when she reads my blog and makes comments? Or does she not think that can work both ways? I mainly only respond to stuff she writes about me, so if she doesn't like it, she knows what to do.