Thursday, 21 March 2013

Andrea Urban Fox Silva and Ambrosine Shitrit, liars together

Yep that's a fruitcake. Make your own connection with what I say below.


This is seriously stupid stuff, Andrea. This is Andrea's blog, screenshotted March 26th

I have not intimidated nor harassed you. Laughed at you perhaps... pointed out I have reported to police and I have grounds to sue if I so wish.

You have not been polite.You have been very rude.

You are the only person using your son. You use his photo on your avatars. I merely screenshot your abuse of me.

You read what I write avidly, does that make you a stalker Andrea?  I reckon you are the troll.



That's not stalking, you have tags with my name on it on your blog. It comes up in google searches for me. You and your pals are clearly defaming me, all over the internet, and you think I shouldn't read and respond to this?

You are one seriously deluded woman.


UPDATE Andrea has today further made what I feel is a malicious communication and I have reported this to police.

It is time she appreciated that posting defamation on the internet is a serious matter, as should her friends. It is not stalking to read the lies she and her pals have written about me on the internet, and respond appropriately.

What caused this latest outburst? This comment I made on a blog on which she had defamed me

Is that more than slightly obsessed Andrea Silva Andrea Urban Fox still defaming me? Seek help Andrea, you silly woman. Sociopath? Stalker? Don’t be so pathetic. I could sue for libel, but I just laugh at you and your liar pals. Life’s too short for deluded women like you.

I have put the latest bizarrre communication from Andrea at the end of this blog. I suggest Andrea and her friends cease this constant barrage of lies and defamation.

As another person once said to her (and for this sane comment, Andrea described the writer as 'pure evil'):

Taken from Ewok's Twitpics, with permission.

I see Andrea Silva Andrea Urban Fox Lady Andrea Lady Andrea SG  Goncalves or whatever she's calling herself on Twitter and her blogs this week is still as obsessed as ever with me and still trying to smear me.

See previous two blogs.

Her latest ploy is putting comments on other people's blogs linking to her own barmy blogs, and claiming I'm a sociopath and a stalker. Yeah right.

Today this pinged into my email inbox, after I posted a short comment yesterday on a blog on the internet I came across (by chance actually, unconnected with Andrea but where I was tagged in)  where Andrea was calling me names, sociopath, stalker etc. I linked to my blogs.

I'm sure she's really well qualified to know about psychos, sociopaths and stalkers... and I see she's now attempting to smear me as some sort of supporter of paedophiles too. She really does need help, poor dear.  It's very sad how she abuses a small child by posting lies and abuse with him as her avatar, then whines when screenshots are made, and makes bizarre claims people are perverts. Again, that's a low level smear tactic, transparent and unsophisticated.

The reality is I am being trolled, and the trolling is connected with Andrea. Possibly if she didn't believe every malicious lie fed to her and used some sense... oh wait.  Yep, not got any.

As an aside, it's interesting how Andrea changes her mind so frequently. Here's one she made earlier

How on earth can an online blog be stalked? If you write appallingly defamatory stuff about me, and I read it and comment on it, THAT IS NOT STALKING. The internet IS NOT PRIVATE.  I know as I have asked police about this.

I'm thinking I know who is disturbed and Andrea, it's not me. Seek professional help.

I usually blank the kid out, I feel it would be better if Andrea didn't abuse his image in this way but it's her choice:

Her own barmy blogs are attracting her pals to post even more weird and wacky stuff about me in the comments. A collection of trolls and liars being abusive about me isn't really raising her credibility level from above zero, is it?

One of these is Ambrosine Shitrit, aka Chetrit,   suspended for abusing me on many accounts on Twitter,  whose obsession, lies and libel is so bonkers I feel I really ought to devote a fresh blog just to her. I have so many screenshots of her outing herself and her fake cyberbullying accounts... here's one she made to harass a woman and her child (I won't print the worst, but there was worse):

 and send suggestive comments to her husband on Twitter (she made a fake account of him too).

No use denying it (update... now @Mrs_Shitrit and many other accounts)

Here she is again, using one of her many fake accounts of me to bully that woman,

 proof that she harvests personal information about people and dishes it out to her pals. Police were informed of this harassment by the way.

Ambrosine and her childish pals and their silly Twitter hashtags where daily they make juvenile comments about me as they are too cowardly to address me with them...  childish comments, hardly worthy of adults...  so much to laugh at... or be made to feel a little queasy about.

So, on to the Andrea and Ambrosine link.

This is taken from one of Andrea's blogs.

OK here she calls herself  'Jewish Lady'  but as she's posted the same lies on other blogs and on Twitter then I think it's a fair assumption that it's Ambrosine Shitrit.

If it's not written by Ambrosine, then you have someone pretending to be you and I will make the appropriate corrections if you contact me. I have printed it verbatim, the errors are not mine.

"I have been harassed by this lady forces than 5 years . I came onto twitter back in dec 2008 within a couple of hours my account was messaged by her with some adverse message about Jews and Israel . I thought it was quite strange and didn’t block her . However over a period of years the harassment and bullying continued on a more personal level . My family husband and child were all fair target . She posted my address and phone number on the #edl tag where she sits constantly .

I decided to take it to the police as it had got decidedly worse. After doing my own investigations I managed to find the person behind the @nemesisrepublic nickname. I was indeed shocked it was a lady , and more confided as she had openly put on twitter she was an ex teacher. I followed her posts and politically I then realized why I was a target, bit more shocking is that my daughter also was subject to her abuse. I had To go to the police, where I am told she received a warning . The abuse would stop ? No the abuse continued until earlier this year, she decided to target a councillor from the Conservative party . Twitter in their good mind suspended her for a few weeks but that wasn’t enough, and she came back on in a similar screen name.

Once her account had been reinstated I noticed that she was also collaborating with hacking groups (who were in the news at the time of arrests being made).

I also became a target of one of her connected hacking groups when I started to receive threats by email.

The abuse continues and so does the obsession. She constantly posts references to our names our addresses, number as our children our family and this is not somebody with a differing political agenda. This is somebody who has become an obsessed stalker.

So what do you do? Keep the evidence of her madness and try and get on with enjoying twitter knowing someone is constantly watching your every tweet on order to bully and harass you? Or leave twitter ? I decided to save every threat and anti Semitic message posted about me from her account , where hopefully one day she can see that what she is doing is not only wrong but she might get some help with her “obsession” "

Well, let's just look at the FACTS eh Ambrosine, once we have translated the odd English? I agree you joined Twitter in December 2008 I have checked. This isn't a sole example of this utter bullshit, let's recall.

I wasn't on Twitter in 2008. I didn't join Twitter for many months after you claim I messaged you. And you haven't been on Twitter six years either. Just over four by my reckoning?

Let me repeat that


So,that's your credibility down the pan then isn't it? Unreliable witness. End of.  Outright, utter lie.

In fact, I have downloaded my Twitter archive and my first Twttter exchanges with Mrs Shitrit were in December 2010.  Nor did they have anything to do  with Jews or Israel.

So much of that is simply bullshit.

I don't have her address nor her phone number, though I have seen Mrs Shitrit post links to addresses and phone numbers of others (including mine I recall).

I haven't targeted her husband and child in the manner she claims I have, though some of the stuff she and her pals have posted about me and my family has been foul. This is  malicious, and all this will end in tears, I suspect, though not mine. I have numerous screenshots, here's just one from the daily onslaught:

Oh my. Police may want a word with George Milnes Scrotum, Pirate) who, unsurprisingly, is also a pal of Andrea's

Abusing a 15 year old? Classy
So Ambrosine, I'll address this directly to you.

Have you been making nuisance calls to my home Ambrosine, after your pals posted my phone number on Twitter and you recorded it? This sure sounds like it.

Police? Yes you went to police playing victim. Yes they contacted me, I responded by telling them the truth about you and your pals. Yes I sent them screenshots of your bullying me and others, your fake accounts, and those with whom you associate (one of whom is still wanted by police for hate crimes). End of. No police warning, no 'police caution' as you claim. I took it further at the Met and was given certain advice. So stop the lies.

You don't have much luck with reports to police, do you? Attempting to have Lauren Booth and George Galloway arrested? Oh dear.

The Tory councillor? The one flirting with that racist pal of yours wanted by police for hate crimes on the internet?  The one giving someone with the word FASCIST in her Twitter name an enthusiastic #FF? The one many saw and recorded apparently sniggering at an unfortunate bigoted 'joke' on Twitter? The one who seemed to think a 'monocultural Britain' as defined by a  'white supremacist' was something to be applauded and retweeted? That Tory Councillor?

The one who was reported to her own party by a legitimate organisation for her tweets, they felt they were so worrying?

As for my short suspension from Twitter being about my attempts to question her re her unfortunate alliances on Twitter, that's another piece of bullshit. It had nothing to do with that and was a Twitter error, hence the re-instatement.

Hacking groups? I've never hacked anyone (wouldn't know how!) and I know nothing about emails, but I have seen Mrs Shitrit tweeting with those who claim to be hackers and have the screenshots to prove it.

References to your names? WHAT?  Don't be so daft. A real crime eh?

Number of children? WHAT?  Bonkers.

Again the lies I am an anti-Semite (No I'm not,  though I suspect my definition and yours differ... ).

Addresses? No, though you seem happy to have mine and others published on the internet (I have a screenshot of you retweeting, but I'm not posting it here). One of your fake accounts has even published a photo of a house you think is mine, hasn't it? You are one deluded woman Ambrosine.

I think I know who is doing the bullying and harassing, writing rubbish like that. Get a grip.

Obsessed stalker? Reading the fantasies you tweet about me and others and screenshotting it isn't stalking, it's following advice I received from police.

If you put stuff out on the internet, it's public. You have trawled the internet to publish things about me, and made statements about what you found which bear no resemblance to reality. Yes I have the screenshots of all that too. Strongly defamatory.

So, to re-iterate: stalker? A lie. Reading stuff  you write and commenting isn't stalking, and especially when much of what you write refers to me (and libel laws apply even if you don't name the person, but there is a reasonable assumption that refs are about them).

Five years? Not me. See above. Confused? Yes you are. I hope that's all it is, and not something more sinister.

Right, time for the crunch. In UK we have clear laws re libel and defamation. What Mrs Shitrit has been publishing about me is clearly in contravention of those laws.

Andrea, in publishing comments which break those laws on her bizarre blogs, is also breaking the laws of this country. Andrea, in calling me the names she has and publishing it, is also in breach of the law.

I could sue. They wouldn't have a  legal leg to stand on, they are not credible claims, and there is ample proof of that.

Instead, I'm publishing this. I reserve the right to take it further if I so wish.

There's a comment box, if there's anything here which anyone mentioned feels is wrong and they can support that with evidence, I am happy to consider publishing it.

Otherwise,  grow up, stop writing bullshit, stop manipulating, stop lying, before you land in real legal trouble.


Bizarre, inaccurate, and I will carry on putting the records straight re her lies as long as she carries on publishing them.


  1. Keep it up. Truth is, I think they're intimidated by someone who fights back. They're a bunch of lying bullies and in my humble opinion, the reason they target you so much is because they're not used to being brought to account. Cowards.

    1. Thanks, for this and your other comment on the previous blog, where I have responded

      Yes, I'd suggest that your assessment of the situation is correct. They think by ganging up and making this sort of mischief they can drive me off the internet. I don't think they are used to having anyone stand up to them, exposing them and their unsavoury activities, based on evidence and context, so they simply carry on lying and trolling and playing victim.

      If Andrea and her pals ceased to spread the lies they do, then I would cease feeling the need to refute it.

      I gather Andrea has a history of trying to have people banned from Facebook, and she certainly has made every effort to have me mass reported and other ploys to have me removed from Twitter. Thankfully, Twitter doesn't tend to respond to silly women stamping their feet, it has its own set of regulations.

      I reserve the right to carry on, and her attempts to intimidate me in order to stop exposing her for what she is aren't working. Life's a bitch, eh Andrea?